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WIP Wednesday April 20, 2011

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Hexagon Wall Hanging (Hexagon Park pattern from Moda Bake Shop & ADORNit fabric from Prairie Girl Quilts)

This is a project for ME if you can believe it!  I am going to use this cute western quilt as a wall hanging in my craft room. My goal is to make my craft room brown and teal (since Mat teases me for using those colors everywhere!)  I have all the hexagons cut out but I need to figure out what I am going to use for sashing. I  am going to go shopping in my mom’s stash this weekend to see if she has anything I can use, so hopefully I will have some progress to report next week!

Mug Rug (ADORNit Fabric scraps)

I decided to use my scraps from the hexagons for a matching mug rug.  I got the quilting done on it this week.  It was my first attempt at kind of free handing it.  I just did squares but they turned out funky.  But I like funky, so that is good!  All I have left to do is bind it – then clean off my desk so I have a spot for it! :)

Deli Tote Part 1 of 3 for my April UFO into FO project

Lemon Bag Part 2 of 3 for my April UFO into FO project

3 Pocket Tote bag Part 3 of 3 for my April UFO into FO project

I decided on 3 UFO projects month because there is so very little that needs to be done on any of them.  And I didn’t even touch them this month….not even to take a picture of them!  how sad!

Photo editing & page for Baby J

I think I have the photo editing done….

Kiss of Crimson by Lara Adrian


Photo editing & page for Baby M (can’t show you yet!)

Bookmarks for FP Event next month (again, can’t show you yet!)

2 Pillowcase for Not Just A Case


Knitted Fingerless Mitts for me

Figgy Pudding Tree Skirt

Figgy Pudding Card Holder

Rag Rug

Projects I have the supplies for but haven’t started

Halloween Wall Hanging

Lace Curtain for Mom

Fabric Chain

Projects I have floating in my head:

Wyatt’s Twin size quilt

I need inspiration for

Batik Blocks

Ta-Dot flower blocks


WIP Wednesday April 13, 2011

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So, I saw this on another blog and thought it was a great idea!

Started new this week (or last):

Hexagon Quilt.  I am going to make a wallhanging for my craft room out of this ADORNit Fabric using this pattern.

I am using the scraps from my hexagon quilt to make myself a mug rug.

Pending WIPS:








Pillowcases for Not Just A Case

Deli tote – just need to fix a seam and do the top stitching

Lemon Bag – need to finish

Photo editing & page for Baby M

Photo editing & page for Baby J


Firework Block #3

Jelly Bean Block #3

Shark Pillowcase


2nd set of blocks March 18, 2011

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IMG_7085, originally uploaded by alogins.

My two blocks for March are finished. :) On top you have the Jelly Bean block. I have no idea what happened to my seams or why it is so funky. Ok, that is a lie, I do know. I can’t keep my seams consistent and I also used two different machines which really seems (haha) to throw me off.

On the bottom is my Firework block. I am loving this set! And this block turned out FANTASTIC! My seams all all great on this one.


More pillowcases March 15, 2011

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IMG_7063, originally uploaded by alogins.

Craftiness is happening – large chunks of small steps. This is just SOME of the pillowcases I have cut out right now!

My March is not going to have a UFO to FO project (good thing I didn’t have 12 to do). Instead, I am focusing on these!


Pillowcases February 28, 2011

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IMG_6491, originally uploaded by alogins.

Look at the pretty pillowcases I made!

Thanks to my crafty friend over at What She Shovels, I am now making pillowcases for local foster children.

This project stems from the 1 Million Pillowcase challenge as well as my friend’s desire to help out foster children. The plan is to have a bunch on hand at the CPS office and when a child comes into care, they can pick out a pillowcase. This has a two fold purpose – one, they get to pick out something cheerful in a very scary time and two, it can double as a bag for the clothes we pick out together and toothbrush and stuff.

These 5 pillowcases were made from fabric I found on clearance at Wal-Mart. For $10.50, I got 6 yards of material and 5 pillowcases. I even have a bit left over I can use for cuffs and trim. :)

I took them into the office today and people are loving. So much in fact, they want me to make some for them. A co-worker and I came up with this deal – I will make them pillowcases if they provide the material and enough to donate a pillow for each one made. I already have about 14 pillowcases pending shopping dates. That means 14 more for work! I am super excited!

If you are interested in helping out, please send me an email. I can use donations of fabric and people who are willing to make them! :)


Dirt Bike Quilt February 27, 2011

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IMG_6471, originally uploaded by alogins.

Here is the finished Dirt Bike quilt – February’s UFO into FO project.

This is a “baby blanket” for a family friend’s little boy. He turns two in March and now has a little brother on the way. I figure it was a good time to finish it. :)

All the material on the front was found at Bee Hive Quilts, formerly in Woodland. The backing and binding are from Cloth Carousel. My favorite part is the black border. I don’t know what those little white marks are supposed to be, but they said tracks to me!

Working on this quilt, which was the first quilt top I ever started, it is embarrassing interesting to see how much I have improved since them!


Now it is time to decide what my March project will be….here is the rest of my UFO into FO list:

1. Fingerless Mitts (knitted)
2. Bags (sewing/quiting)
3. Tree Skirt (quilting)
4. Rag Rug (knitting)
5. Tree card holder (quilting)
6. Flower quilt (quilting – and I think this one is going on hold until I decide if I like my 2011 Jelly Bean blocks with it)
7. 2009 blocks (quilting – still trying to figure out a way to finish these….)
8. Scan pictures (I have a HUGE backlog of pictures to deal with.)


This weeks progress and projects February 23, 2011

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collage, originally uploaded by alogins.

I have had a productive week!

  • Finished the quilting on the Dirt Bike Quilt (see the quilting and the fishing back)?
  • Finished my Firework Block #1 (BotM #2)
  • Picked up some fabric on clearance for the pillowcases for work

Now I am off to work on the binding for the Dirt Bike Quilt.



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